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Cooper Bath provides one-stop sanitary ware product solutions. We are the region’s top provider of toilets and sanitary ware. Here you can find the highest quality toilets produced and provided at a very affordable price. As a leading toilet manufacturer and supplier, we always put your needs first, make sure you’re happy with our products, make quality toilet seats and other sanitary items, and give you the best customer service in the business.


Toilet Design Doesn't Have to Be Expensive or Complicated! It Should Be Smart & User Friendly

What are the bathroom need?

The View of Toilet

The mechanical operations of a toilet are different based on the type. However, there’s a general standard upon which they are built. When you flush the toilet by depressing the flush handle, the rubber flapper, also known as a float valve, rises. This causes the toilet tank’s water to flow into the bowl and flush the waste. As water flows from the tank to the toilet bowl, the flapper gradually lowers back down to rest on the flush valve. As the toilet flapper closes, the toilet fill valve, also known as a ballcock, begins to draw water back into the toilet tank to recharge for the next flush.

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The Toilet Products

Dual-Flush Toilets

They have two flush button choices: half flush and full flush. You can utilize the half flush for liquid trash and the full flush for solid garbage. Water efficiency is one of the most significant advantages of a dual-flush toilet.

Pressure Assisted Toilets

The forceful flush is the most significant advantage of a pressure-assist toilet. The device forces water into the toilet tank using pressurized air. This implies there will be nearly no double flushes. Pressure-assisted toilets are appropriate for large families when the toilet is used often.

Gravity-Flush Toilet

Gravity-flush toilets are widely used in private residences across the world. When you click the flush button, water falls into the bowl from the toilet tank. The waste is subsequently pushed through the trap channel by the water.

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The Process of Toilet Products

raw materials quality control

We obtain high-quality raw materials from environmentally acceptable sources.

Model Design

We start shaping the toilet using available mould designs or customized alternatives.


We fortify the product with other safe and environmentally beneficial elements.


At this point, the items are allowed to dry and strengthen.


We begin to remove any excesses that may exist by cutting them out.


We begin by installing the product’s accessories and fittings.

Bareware inspection

Our quality control experts inspect the product to ensure quality and compliance.

Air and Water leakage testing

Following approval, the product is packed safely and securely and is ready for delivery.


The product is dispatched to the customer after it has been packed.

Established Cooper®️

Your Toilet Solution Provider

Cooper Bath is a one-stop store for all sanitary items and toilets. Our toilets are available in a number of styles and designs to meet the requirement for variety. We provide high-quality, luxury toilets at affordable costs while adhering to industry standards and safety regulations. We feel that providing outstanding customer service sets us apart from our competition. Our skilled and proactive staff will give you personalized care from the beginning to the end and even after.

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Why Choose Us


We can pass on the savings to our customers since we buy in bulk from the factory. We provide products at a variety of price points.


We have years of experience in the sanitary ware industry and are well-versed in all types of toilet products. We'd be happy to guide you through the options and help you choose the finest toilets for your project.


We get materials that meet all of a well-known manufacturer of sanitary ware's requirements so that we can give our customers durable products.


Our products are appealing and contemporary, and they can match whatever design you have in mind for your home or other facilities. You may acquire whatever kind of toilet product you want.


Because we buy in bulk, we have a lot of different products in our warehouse, so you can choose any product and any amount you want without waiting for delivery.

Innovative technology

Everything we do is based on innovation. We work hard to make new products and improve the ones we already have so that we can offer better solutions to consumers who are becoming more knowledgeable and picky.

How to Work With Us

From inquiry through delivery, we make it simple to work with us.

1. Enquiry

Contact us via email, phone, or address to learn about products and other customizations.

2. Sign the Contract

Once you’re happy with our agreements, you can sign the contract and start making things.

3. Production

Our experienced technicians get to work on making the products based on your requirements.

4. Inspection

Our trained quality control experts look over the finished product to make sure it meets standards and is of good quality.

5. Shipping

We deliver your product to your specified location.

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