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Cooper Bath is a global provider of high-quality drop in bathtub to homeowners, builders, architects, real estate developers, and others. We deliver products to fit your style and budget, regardless of the size or shape of your bathroom. We guarantee that we will be able to make your bathroom as distinctive and unique as you are, at an affordable price.


Drop in Bathtub Design Doesn't Have to Be Expensive or Complicated! It Should Be Smart & User Friendly

What are the bathroom need?

The View of Drop In Tub

Because of the way this model is constructed, installing a bathtub is as easy as “dropping it in,” with the surround entirely concealing the exterior of the tub so that only its inside can be seen. Drop-in bathtubs are an excellent choice for any bathroom because they can be customized to accommodate either a small or a large area.

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The Drop In Products

Oval Drop in Tub

The oval soaking drop in bathtub is made of high quality acrylic sheet,it offers the utmost in ergonomics and therapeutic care.It can also upgrade to massage jets with whirlpool function,flexible for any bathroom perfectly.

Rectangular Drop in Tub

The rectangle shape drop-in bathtub is comfortable to lay in,the elegant glossy white acrylic with bottom soaking design match up with any bathroom decorection.Side and end panel is optional.

Corner Drop in Tub

The corner drop in tub fit for big bathrooms with whirlpool jets.Each tub features a pre-leveled support legs and slip resistant floor.We can also provide pillows to give you a serene bathing experience.

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The Process of Drop In Bathtub Products

raw materials quality control

We acquire our premium raw materials from eco-friendly suppliers.

shaping the tub body

We start shaping the tub using available mould designs or customized alternatives.


We strengthen the product with additional secure and eco-friendly components.


At this point, the items are allowed to dry and strengthen.


We start by eliminating any excesses that could be there.


We begin by installing the product’s accessories and fittings.


To assure quality and compliance, our quality control specialists check the products.


Once approved, the item is packaged securely and is prepared for shipping.


After being packaged, the item is sent to the client.

Established Cooper®️

Your Drop In Solution Provider

Cooper Bath is home to the finest variety of luxury bathtub brands available anywhere, allowing you to soothe your weary muscles and reawaken your spirit. Utilize our meticulously researched designs to raise your experience to a level that will inspire wellbeing and channel the positional benefits that water has on the body. Through our most cutting-edge research and development, we reimagine the conventional ideas associated with bathing and provide new opportunities for relaxation. By choosing the best simple bathtub designs, you can bring some new life and energy into your busy and stressful lives.

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Why Choose Us


We can pass on the savings to our customers since we buy in bulk from the factory. We provide products at a variety of price points.


We have years of expertise in the sanitary ware sector and are knowledgeable about everything. We would be delighted to walk you through the options and assist you in picking the best shower enclosure for your project.


In order to provide our clients with quality products, we procure materials that fully satisfy the standards of a reputable producer of sanitary ware.


Our products are attractive and modern, and they may complement whatever design you have in mind for your house or other facilities. You may get whatever type of shower enclosure you want.


We have a wide selection of products already in our warehouse as a result of our bulk purchasing, so you can choose any product and quantity you need, and there are no lengthy shipping delays.

Innovative technology

The basis of what we do is innovation. We are dedicated to product innovation and improvement since it enables us to provide better solutions to satisfy the demands of a more discerning and knowledgeable end consumer.

How to Work With Us

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Contact us via email, phone, or address to learn about products and other customizations.

Sign the Contract

You can sign the contract to begin production once you are satisfied with our agreements.


Our experienced technicians get to work on making the products based on your requirements.


Our qualified quality control experts inspect the finished product to check for quality and compliance.


We deliver your product to your specified location.

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