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Introduction of Bathtub

A bathtub provides a grand spectacle and a focal point for your bathroom. Your bathtub is an excellent place to begin,  when you are looking for a focal point around which to design the furnishings in your bathroom. Traditional clawfoot tubs look beautiful when paired with light and airy color palettes like white, gold, or copper. In addition to serving as a decorative element, spending time in the bathub has a number of positive effects on one’s health and well-being. The combination of soaking in warm water for an extended period of time can aid in lowering tension, while at the same time relaxing your muscles. An increase in one’s stress level can lead to an increase in one’s muscular tension as well as other unwanted side effects. Such as weight gain, thus, the solution to a good improvement in one’s health may be as simple as taking a long, relaxing bath. You can make this effect even stronger by adding aromatherapy and scented oils to your bathing routine.

Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot tubs are a type of freestanding bathtub that are often significantly bigger than other designs, making them an excellent choice for homes with adequate space.

Drop in Tub

Drop-in bathtubs are an excellent choice for any bathroom because they can be customized to accommodate either a small or a large area.

Freestanding Tub

Freestanding bathtubs are, without a shadow of a doubt, the pinnacle of elegance in the design of any luxury bathroom. There is nothing that even comes close to competing with the visual impact that they provide in terms of aesthetics.

Established Cooper®️

Your Bathtub Solution Provider

Cooper Bath is the leading supplier of high-quality bathtubs. Our bathtubs have been chosen in such a way as to provide you with the most enjoyable possible bathing experience. We take care of your emotional and physical well-being so you can focus on relaxing. Each of our bathtub models is designed to provide satisfaction. So, to relax and forget about your worries, all you have to do is soak up the air of luxury that our bathubs give off.

Cooper Bath is an industry leader in providing and managing project solutions for bathrooms in real estate developments, hotels, resorts, and home remodeling projects based on the specific requirements of individual customers. Our experienced staff and front office make it possible for us to give quick quotes, fair prices, good advice, and good feedback.

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Why Choose Us


Because we make wholesale purchases from the factory, we are able to pass on the cost savings to our customers. We have goods accessible at various price points.


We have been in the business of selling bathtubs for many years and are familiar with every significant aspect of these products. We will happily guide you through the available alternatives and assist you in making a decision on which hot tub would serve your needs the best.


We make sure that the products we deliver adhere to all of the regulations that are necessary for a renowned manufacturer of bathtubs. These regulations include safety guidelines, energy standards, simplicity of maintenance, and so on.


You'll appreciate the straightforward, no-frills, and straight-to-the-point manner in which we do business. We're sure that our method is the best way to match customers with the bathtub that fits their needs best, and our many years of experience back up this claim.


When we buy in bulk, we are able to stock our warehouse with a wide choice of products, which eliminates the need to wait up to a month for the items to be shipped.

Innovative technology

When you want to take your bathing experience to the next level, we offer a wide range of technologically innovative bathtubs to supplement your regular dip. We use sophisticated technology that you can manage with your phone or tablet for the ultimate in easy and customized bathing.

Cutomize Your Brand Bathtub

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