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Cooper Bath is a global provider of high-quality shower enclosures to homeowners, builders, architects, real estate developers, and others. We deliver products to fit your style and budget, regardless of the size or shape of your bathroom. We guarantee that we will be able to make your bathroom as distinctive and unique as you are, at an affordable price.


Shower Enclosure Doesn't Have to Be Expensive or Complicated! It Should Be Smart & User Friendly

What are the bathroom need?

The View of Shower Enclosures

The shower enclosure serves as a barrier between the wet and dry sections of the bathroom. Shower enclosures enclose the shower area and are made of railings or curtain rods that are attached to the ceilings or walls. The purpose of a shower enclosure is to give privacy, keep water from getting out of the bathroom, and keep things in order.

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The Shower Enclosures Products

Square Shower Enclosure

The length of a square shower enclosure is the same on all four sides. This form of shower enclosure can help you save space because it can be easily and quickly installed on a wall or a corner.

Rectangular Shower Enclosure

Rectangular shower enclosures are longer than square enclosures and provide more space for the user. They are great for unevenly shaped spaces that are not completely square. This model features longer side walls and shorter end walls.

Semi-Oval or Quadrant Shower Enclosure

A quadrant shower enclosure is another name for a semi-oval shower enclosure. It has two ends, much like square shower enclosures. The center side of the half-oval shower enclosure has a straight side and a curved side.

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We are a one-stop shop for all high-quality and contemporary shower enclosures. We offer sanitary accessories at reasonable rates while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality. Cooper Bath offers a wide choice of sizes and products for both private and public establishments like hotels and rental houses. Our exceptional customer service distinguishes us in this business. Cooper Bath provides useful advice and is available to answer any questions you may have during your transactions. Our staff is knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish and even after the sale, so you can expect personalized help.

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Why Choose Us


Because we buy in bulk from the factory, we can pass on the savings to our clients. We provide items at various price points.


We have years of expertise in the sanitary ware sector and are knowledgeable about everything. We would be delighted to walk you through the options and assist you in picking the best shower enclosure for your project.


We get materials that meet all of the standards for a well-known manufacturer of sanitary equipment so that we can give customers things that will last.


Our products are attractive and modern, and they may complement whatever design you have in mind for your house or other facilities. You may get whatever type of shower enclosure you want.


As a result of our bulk purchase, we have a large range of items currently in our warehouse, so you can pick any product and quantity you want with no shipping delays.

Innovative technology

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to coming up with new products and making them better, because that lets us offer better solutions to customers who are more knowledgeable and picky.

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