“Beata” rectangle outdoor spa tub with heater and ozone,fit for 3 person use.The perfect party and swim spa for any household,Strong, durable, comfortable, and built to last.Made of high quality acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass,stainless steel frame with different colors skirt panel.20ft and 40HQ container loading quantity will be 13 pcs and 36 pcs.





This model has a hydro-cure lounger and two comfortable massage seats.It suit two adults or one adults and two children. Make it Lucite or Aristech Acrylic. Reinforced with fiberglass. Weatherable polymer skirt. You don’ t worry about rain or sun outside. With Perfect therapy control centre, you can enjoy and relaxing yourself any time.

Dimensions (mm)                              1950 x1270x 630
Seating capacity                                 2 adults & 1 baby seats
Water volume(liters)                         716
Grass weight(Kg)                                150
Net weight(Kg)                                   115
Water massage jets(total)                24
Safe suction                                       2pcs
Skimmer                                             1 set
Feet massage                                     yes
Water massage pumps                    1X 1.5 Hp
Circulation pump                            1 X0.5 Hp
Heater system                                  2870W
Ozone system                                  450mg/h
Error prompt System                     yes
Water-pure system                         yes
*Extra-pure water system             yes
Freeze protection                            yes
Flow protection                               yes
No water protection                        yes
*Blower system                                yes
*Hand Twist spa system                yes
Perfect-core therapy control centre  yes
Weatherable Polymer Cabinet      1 set
*Skirt speakers                               2 pcs
*FM radio                                         yes
*LED cup seat                                 1 pc
*Warm cover                                  yes
*Bottom panel                               yes
Insulation foam                            A coat PU foam
Multi-color LED under water light    1pc
*Skirt water proof TV and water proof DVD
*Luminescence multi-color LED lighting system
Notice: With * is optional configuration.

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 195 × 127 × 63 cm
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