One piece elongated dual flush one piece floor mounted water closet,MOQ of white color is 10 pcs,for other colors is 100pcs.5 layer carton with all accessories like wax ring, bolt kit are together in one package,one 40HQ container can load about 350 pcs.


The Cooper colorful Dual-flush elongated bowl one-piece toilet with a full-skirted bowl has clean lines and give you an elegant visual experience,it is suit for any bathroom design.The toilet is made of high standard ceramic material calcined at high temperatures has a solid texture, good compressive ability, and strong corrosion resistance.Dual-flush provide powerful flush while saving water,different beautiful colors can be shown in this toilet.Quick-relased seat cover make it convenient to install and clean,we provide 2 years warranty for the toilet and accessories.

Weight 53 kg
Dimensions 72 × 39 × 85 cm
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